The Winter Charms of Old Quebec City

Old Quebec City does charm visitors with its European village Kurt Winner Describing Old Québec City using “quaint and charming ” could be considered trite. You must try to capture the sound of the horse drawn carriage on cobble-stone streets, the beauty of the sculptured shop facades, the exuberance of summer planter boxes spilling over with geraniums and inpatients, the many colorful painted shutters accentuating mullioned windows on old stone buildings, the order of angles of a mansard roof line, the French street and business signs announcing “rue” this and “table d’hote saisonniere” (seasonal menu) that. One must love the vowels and the syllables of a French speaking city. One must see the joy in setting out on foot on a lovely spring day to shop and wander or in winter and well bundled up, take a [...]

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