Recipe: Fischer & Wieser’s Original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (R) Double Fudge Brownies with Chipotle Cream

" If you are fond of chipotle try this versatile sauce in any recipes that could use a sweet/sour/hot element. These brownies go well with my brother Remy's ' Island Style Korean Raspberry Chipotle Baby Back Ribs '."

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Simple coconut custard pie unusual Thanksgiving favorite ( published at Portland)

Simply perfect, easy coconut custard pie recipe delights for Thanksgiving.

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Strawberries With Balsamic Glaze ( published in Ride magazine)

I first tried this recipe several years ago. Now I make this each year to celebrate summer. Not much of a camp recipe, save this for a backyard barbecue after a ride. A really easy recipe , I guarantee that you will get rave reviews when it's served.

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Beach House strawberry pie

Each summer I vow to discard the clutter in my life. Pare down and keep only what is necessary. How many spools of ribbon does one need to be happy? Do I need more than 100 books? And the odd piece of silk or the obscure album " The Banjo Barons do Golden Hawaiian hits"?

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Fresh Peach Ice Cream by Donvier machine

Ahhh . . the simple pleasures of summer in the Northwest. Berries and peaches abound and practically beg us to a supply store like Williams Sonoma or Kitchen Kaboodle in Portland for best selection. The machine capacities and pricing vary too. There are machines that are electric, some operate by hand crank using rock salt with ice, some are partially hand cranked, partially finished in the freezer.

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Rum Lovers are Celebrating Rum Month this July

Rum lovers are celebrating Rum Month this July with drinks, sauces, desserts and all things rum! This Rum Torte is a colorful, easy dessert that looks as if you spent all day baking. Begin with a yellow box cake mix and a couple of jars of the best preserves. Buy a good rum , I prefer deep dark Jamaican Myers's rum.

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Lavender Ice Cream at Oregon Lavender Festival

Each June Jim Dierking of Liberty Natural Products, purveyors of fine distilled essential oils, opens his Oregon Lavender Farm for the “ Clackamas County Lavender Festival.” A day of education and enjoyment of sustainable agriculture it is a perfect place for families to spend the day.

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Butte Creek Mill’s Bob Russell grinds it out

Bob Russell had a perfectly good life in toney Lake Oswego. He also had a huge collection of antiques- and “corporate uniform”neckties. But when Bob and His wife Debbie found an old mill along Little Butte Creek in Eagle Point, Oregon, the world changed for them.

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Baked Apples with Brandy Peak Brandy, Brookings Oregon

All those apples left over from your Halloween apple bobbing contest? Try a simple baked apple with a twist. In Scotland they fill the apple with currant jelly. In France a bit of Calvados apple brandy poured over a raisin and bread crumb stuffing while baking is a dramatic ending to a meal.

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Pumpkin upside down cake recipe

Our summertime favorite pineapple upside down cake has gone the way of the lawn chair by now; forgotten in a dark corner. But for those of us that love the simple- for- company- cake; here is a fall version sure to please the hostess and those watching the waistline. Fruit purees are substituted for the butter and much of the sugar. Made in the oven it’s even easier that the traditional one.

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