I was given the Xcom Mobile Hotspot to take on a trial run on a recent trip through Europe. Being a writer, photographer and working social media, there is nothing more frustrating than not having an internet connection. Simply put, I can’t do my job, tweeting pictures from different countries, posting on my blog, you get the story. My experience in Northern and Southern Europe has varied widely, but I can say in general that the online connections if available are spotty and pretty slow, unless you’re willing to pay a premium.  […]

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Tenba Shootout Backpack 18L

When I read reviews, I usually take them with a grain of salt. Especially because of whats been in the news lately about paid phony reviews. So when I was given this camera backpack to review, I decided I was going to put it through it’s paces before writing about it. To test it I took it to Bend Oregon, Greece for 2 weeks and then Portugal and Spain on a different trip for ten more days. With all of this traveling the Tenba had to go through countless security checks, thrown into piles of luggage and beaten up in overhead bins too. […]

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Aequare Chocolates boast sublime single source and vintage!

Aequare Chocolates: Sublime single source and vintage! The concept is simple. Create a chocolate bar using the vintage system using single source cacao. Crazy you ask? Like a fox. Knowing the world’s palate for chocolate has matured and how seriously aficionados seek the perfect chocolate , Aequare steps in with their sublime offerings of handmade bars and confections.

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Green Tea Goods traveler and journalist must-haves

New discovery worth noting: Green tea Goods’ Natural Hand Refresher , Refreshing Towelettes and Caring Lip Balm a perfect addition to a travel writers on-the-road arsenal! I received these three products in a goodie bag aboard HAL’s Eurodam at our “IFWTWA 2010 Conference at Sea.” Finally home I took a good look at the products and fell in love.

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