Don’t Get Broadsided By Your Rental Car Paperwork

(first published at, image: Shutterstock)   When it comes to renting a car, it’s easy to get confused about your insurance needs. But it’s also easily avoidable — if you know what to look for. I should know. I used to own a car rental franchise. Here’s what it comes down to: Do some preparation before you book, read your agreement carefully, ask questions before you sign and you can prevent any surprises. Before reserving Compare car rental companies using similar car category for rates and rental policies. Book far in advance for the best rates and models, particularly in popular destinations. Rental rate guarantee periods may vary. Verify this information with each company so you’ll know how long they guarantee your quoted rated. Look for frequent traveler partnerships with airlines, credit card companies, hotels, and group and military [...]

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The Topography of Thanksgiving Facts and Regional Foods

  ( "Thanksgiving Grace 1942 at home of Earle Landis"  photo by Marjorie) On the Travel Writers radio show with Graeme Kemlo, Melbourne Australia   Today Thanksgiving in America means turkey, football, a groaning family table and a day off for the holiday - unless you work for some heartless greedy retailers. But we're not here for that debate. I want to let you know a few interesting facts about Thanksgiving. According to Virginians, the first one was not at Plymouth but happened at what is now Berkeley Plantation along the James River. Folks in the Virginia Commonwealth insist that the first public Thanksgiving took place well over a year before the Thanksgiving of the pilgrims in Massachusetts when Captain John Woodlief and a column 38 of newly-arrived English colonists walked to a rolling slope along the James River and [...]

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Begin Your Hawaii Exploration at Bishop Museum

credit: Bishop Museum Before you take off to look at the I'olani Palace or the Pali lookout, or even Wai'kiki beach, your  next visit to the Hawaiian Islands should begin at Oahu’s Bishop Museum. Learn about the Royal lineage, the flora, fauna and ocean life, the everyday life of chief or commoner, the mele and chants, foods, medicines, culture, navigation by the stars and a working volcano display. The new Pacific Hall is a collections of all of the various nations and islanders that share the Pacific Ocean. Long a favorite place to start an exploration of Hawaii for akamai (smart) visitors and a place to teach island keiki (children) about where they live, Bishop Museum appeals to locals and travelers alike. With many exhibits of Hawaiian history, artifacts, paintings and kahili of Hawaiian monarchs, flora and fauna, [...]

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Your Champagne Primer

If you (heavens no!) have any leftover champagne - DO NOT THROW OUT THIS FABULOUS INGREDIENT however flat. Here a practical and delicious recipe makes good use of precious libation that has lost it's stars but not it's flavor!

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