Helijet to the Fairmont Empress in Victoria ( AFAR.com)

I had a seamless trip on Helijet. One moment I was standing on my balcony at the sleek Fairmont Pacific Rim overlooking Coal Harbor and the next, with the help of Fairmont’s car service, I was climbing abourd a  Helijet taking off for the Fairmont Empress in Victoria.

Helijet and Fairmont are partners and it makes good sense as there are several Fairmont properties near the Vancouver, BC location and of course the grand Empress reigns on Vancouver Island. You can opt for a scheduled flight or charter the helicopter
( they have smaller craft too) for your own adventure. They also have charter jets.

The scenery is breathtaking as you pass over the waterways and little islands dotted with trees below. There is also plenty of boat and ship traffic to watch. I consider this a sightseeing tour as well as a […]

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Paris Value Travel: From Those In The Know

Paris can be the city of dreams and light. But unless you are a trustafarian, prince or dignitary you must find a way to enjoy Paris without breaking the bank. One seldom thinks of Paris as a “ budget travel” city. But there are values to be had. Value travel is not defined as budget travel; it is realizing great reward for the money spent. Planning your trip from the UK is easy.

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