Liostasi Hotel & Suites, Sanctuary On Ios Isle Greece

In the sunny Cyclades of Greece, the Liostasi Hotel & Suites is a peaceful respite from the noise and chatter of the outside world.  […]

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Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens Greece Makes Conde Nast 2015 Best In World List

In the heart of Athens, the Hotel Grande Bretagne has graced this city since 1874. This hotel has some serious history, hosting royalty, heads of state and even occupied by the German forces during world war 2. It has gone through numerous remodels, and now is better then ever. Offering every amenity of any 5 star hotel, the Grande Bretagne awaits you. […]

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Heathman Hotel Of Portland Oregon Serves Up A Delicious Negroni

An image of this drink was tweeted out just the other day by the Heathman Hotel Portland, and it caught my eye. So I asked via twitter if they would provide me the recipe for their Negroni, and being the Heathman Portland “Where service is still an art” they were gracious enough to give it to me to share with you. I think this drink would be perfect for the holiday season, and it sounds delicious too, so here we go… […]

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Savory Aged Cheddar Cookies

This is one of my favorite snacks. I usually make these only around the holidays because they are so addictive. The problem is if I make them more often I’d probably gain way too much weight. It was also a tough recipe to share because I like it so much.  […]

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Alonissos Isle Greece Is Green In More Ways Than One

Located in the Northern Sporades, the Greek island of Alonissos is vying for the "Greenest Island" title in the country. Although Greece and the EU already have plans to phase out wasteful plastic bags, the people here have embraced the idea, so on December 1st 2015 the ban went into effect. Alonnisos Mayor Petros Vafinis speaking to the press said “People here have had environmental concerns for a number of years, regardless of laws and prohibitions." Alonissos is located in an area known as the National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades. This marine park dedicated to protecting wildlife is also part of the European Union’s Natura program. Another concern is the protection of the native Monk Seal endangered and found only here. Alonissos Harbor The recycling program began to really pick up momentum in 2012, and as Mayor Vafinis explains “When [...]

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Chef Flowers serves up “What A Pear” Side Dish For The Holidays

Being in the midst of the holiday season, just like you I find myself busy and sometimes distracted. This is especially true when it comes time to prepare a nice and healthy meal to enjoy with family and friends. I enjoy the old standby recipes that I make year after year,  but this can get a bit old at times. So I decided it was time to make some changes and reach out to some of the most talented chefs I know for some holiday recipe help.  Chef Ivan Flowers a consulting chef, and former Executive Chef of Top of the Market San Diego, was kind enough to take the time to share this delicious and versatile recipe, and I wanted to present it to lucky you. The ingredients are simple, but the extra nuances that chef adds make for [...]

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Pecan Spoon Bread From Portland’s Country Cat

Sweet and savory, this spoon bread compliments of Country Cat in Portland Oregon is a new spin on an old recipe. A welcome change up to the old standard, this side works with just about any dish.  And yes it does have bacon in it, but like anything this decadent, enjoy it in moderation.  Imagery credit Portland Monthly Magazine. […]

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I was given the Xcom Mobile Hotspot to take on a trial run on a recent trip through Europe. Being a writer, photographer and working social media, there is nothing more frustrating than not having an internet connection. Simply put, I can’t do my job, tweeting pictures from different countries, posting on my blog, you get the story. My experience in Northern and Southern Europe has varied widely, but I can say in general that the online connections if available are spotty and pretty slow, unless you’re willing to pay a premium.  […]

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Why You Should Visit Ios Greece

Pavezzo Guest House Located in the southern Cyclades, Pavezzo Guest House on the Isle of Ios is a comfortable and clean hideaway overlooking the beautiful Greek ocean. It looks like a white washed jewel box with a large covered outdoor seating area, green grass and a peaceful atmosphere. Our studio had accommodations for 4 adults, yet there were only the two of us. Amenities include, an efficiency kitchen, refrigerator and a coffee maker. The bathroom was really nice, fully tiled and everything looked spanking new and super clean. Our host Angela who is also the owner offered us coffee upon arrival and we just sat and took in the gorgeous ocean view. Pavezzo has 4 studios, and three double rooms, so you don't have to worry about too much noise or foot traffic photo gallery. A very short [...]

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Tenba Shootout Backpack 18L

When I read reviews, I usually take them with a grain of salt. Especially because of whats been in the news lately about paid phony reviews. So when I was given this camera backpack to review, I decided I was going to put it through it’s paces before writing about it. To test it I took it to Bend Oregon, Greece for 2 weeks and then Portugal and Spain on a different trip for ten more days. With all of this traveling the Tenba had to go through countless security checks, thrown into piles of luggage and beaten up in overhead bins too. […]

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