The Topography of Thanksgiving Facts and Regional Foods

  ( "Thanksgiving Grace 1942 at home of Earle Landis"  photo by Marjorie) On the Travel Writers radio show with Graeme Kemlo, Melbourne Australia   Today Thanksgiving in America means turkey, football, a groaning family table and a day off for the holiday - unless you work for some heartless greedy retailers. But we're not here for that debate. I want to let you know a few interesting facts about Thanksgiving. According to Virginians, the first one was not at Plymouth but happened at what is now Berkeley Plantation along the James River. Folks in the Virginia Commonwealth insist that the first public Thanksgiving took place well over a year before the Thanksgiving of the pilgrims in Massachusetts when Captain John Woodlief and a column 38 of newly-arrived English colonists walked to a rolling slope along the James River and [...]

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Sip and give at Southern Oregon’s Thanksgiving tastings

It's tradition here in wine country for vino lovers to visit wineries and participate in tastings over the Thanksgiving Holiday. This year give as you sip!

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Simple coconut custard pie unusual Thanksgiving favorite ( published at Portland)

Simply perfect, easy coconut custard pie recipe delights for Thanksgiving.

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Glazed Shallots from Harrod’s London ( published at Portland)

A delightful break with tradition for Holiday dinners, try these tantalizing shallots from Harrod's, London.

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