Freixenet Spanish Cava And Watermelon- The Sparkling Wine Summer Cocktail

Few things shout out the coming of summer quite like the arrival of watermelon at your local supermarket. Refreshing and delicious, it’s the perfect fruit to eat by the pool and why not try experimenting with in your cocktails. Cool down this summer by the pool with Freixenet’s Sweet Sparkling Watermelon, featuring Freixenet Sweet Cuvée Cava. 1 watermelon 1 bottle of Freixenet Sweet Cuvée Cava Cut 1/4th off the top off a seedless watermelon. Scoop out the fruit and purée. Put 2 tbsp in a wine glass, and top off with Freixenet Sweet Cuvée Cava. Pour the remaining purée back in the hollow watermelon to enjoy throughout the day. Freixenet Sparkling Wine Watermelon Cocktail Text recipe and images courtesy Freixenet.  

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Bride Wore Birekenstocks II: Solstice Salad

Unconcerned with the reception preparations going on all around them, the wedding party posed for their portraits near the fairy-tale white tent. Nattily attired in beige suits with ties of cotton candy pink, the groom's men stood smiling. The maid's simple column dresses with tonal graduation from deep ruby to ice pink complemented the bride's re-embroidered Italian lace top and long silk skirt. Two little flower girls twirled in circles to spin their beautiful dresses as all little flower girls do, maryjanes tapping on the wooden deck. The young ring bearer wearing a tiny suit and a serious expression was getting some last minute advice from his dad about what an important job he had to do. Everyone looked cool and elegant. Here is another delightful summer wedding favorite from our wedding planner at Historical Church Wedding Planning & Officiants [...]

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