This fresh Tart Chukar Cherry Salsa can be served with corn chips or over cream cheese with crackers.


1 29.5 Ounce jar of locally grown  Chukar Cherry brand Sour Cherry Pie/Cobbler Filling. In a pinch, you can substitute an equal amount of unsweetened tart cherry pie filling, just add a little more lime juice to taste.
½-3/4 Jalapeno pepper seeds and ribs removed and diced. Set the seeds and ribs aside and add if you want more heat
½ Red onion cut into eights
4 Cloves of garlic roughly sliced
4 Tbs cider vinegar
Juice of ½ lime
¼-½ Cup fresh cilantro roughly chopped
Pinch of sea salt


Pour entire contents of the cobbler filling into a large enough bowl, set aside.
Place the garlic, lime juice, jalapeno salt and vinegar in a food processor and run it until the garlic is fully incorporated. If you like your cilantro very fine you can […]

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