Native American Candied Salmon by Chef Gavin Stephenson Fairmont Olympic Hotel

•Wild King Salmon 4# (boneless skinless fillet)
•Brown Sugar 2 cups
•Wils honey 1 cup
•Sea Salt ¾ cup

Slice salmon into 1” x 4” pieces without any skin and brown blood line, place in stainless bowl and add salt, honey and sugar. Mix well and place into refrigerator no longer than 4 hours. Drain excess liquid and place on wire smoking racks. Allow fish to form patina or (get tacky) to the touch before starting the smoking process. Smoke with Apple wood chips until salmon if fully cooked. Cool on wire racks and remove gently. Salmon must be placed in a paper bag in the refrigerator overnight to allow any extra moisture to be removed. Served with crusty bread and Honey Bee Pollen infused butter.

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