Caballadas By Horse: Argentine Holiday Ride Offers Food and Wines

I am on a ride at Caballadas and  momentarily stunned. I find myself on rocky ground tangled in sparse grass, sprawled out between the stones, under thorny scrub trees. But let’s back up. Experienced trail riders know that if you have to go under a thicket of low trees, you should keep your head lower than your horse’s. When I saw the inevitable coming, I tried to flatten to my mount’s neck, but my riding helmet prevented me from doing so. This created a gap at the neck of  my jacket, which was immediately speared by a branch. I figured the best bet was to release the stirrups and roll off. “Are you O.K.?” Santiago cries as he races towards me on his young polo- pony-in-training. He looks concerned, while I manage an embarrassed smile and answer “Yes.” After a short appraisal, [...]

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Lumeria Retreat Maui: An Interview With Xorin Balbes

Gaze into Xorin's eyes and see the depths of his love for his adopted home on Maui. (Image credit: Lumeria) Tucked up around a sharp curve on the way to the paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) enclave of Makawao, Maui, a special place called Lumeria has been created for spiritual exploration and learning. The journey to create this place has been quite an enlightening experience for owner and designer Xorin Balbes. The project has not been an easy one but he lights up when he explains what he has gained from it. I tell him I admire his perseverance and I see that he has the rare ability to create from a dream. Sitting in a local restaurant in Paia, Xorin and I have lunch and talk about Lumeria. What inspires you about the island of Maui? Specifically, Maui has [...]

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Business Insider: Allison Inn Delights Her Majesty

I had to find a special place take my wife for our 20th anniversary that was not too far away. Triumphantly, I announced to her that we were going to wine country in the Willamette Valley.

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