Two options for low-fat dips

It's the middle of summer and most are settling into a more relaxed schedule . The heavy drapes on the windows have been long since been tossed open and the heavy foods of past seasons, discarded. We are circling our lawn chairs around the barbecue and bellying up to the bar. Appetizer and snack bar that is.

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Dirt Cheap Nachos

Summertime food by necessity is easy, fast and fuss-free. This recipe made from ingredients purchased from the GroceryOutlet bargain market is also very inexpensive. Using canned ready made chili eliminates cooking meat and you can come up with all sorts of substitutions and garnishes.

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Rum Lovers are Celebrating Rum Month this July

Rum lovers are celebrating Rum Month this July with drinks, sauces, desserts and all things rum! This Rum Torte is a colorful, easy dessert that looks as if you spent all day baking. Begin with a yellow box cake mix and a couple of jars of the best preserves. Buy a good rum , I prefer deep dark Jamaican Myers's rum.

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Timberline Lodge, Lighted ships celebrate Christmas

Celebrating Christmas in the Pacific Northwest is a natural. Oregon is the number one U.S. producer of Christmas trees so even it’s agricultural traditions are part of this treasured holiday. Here are two longstanding traditions that are part of many an Oregon Christmas.

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Authentic Mexican Ceviche

The little mountain town of Cerocahui, Chihuahua state in Mexico is a long way from my home in the mountains of Oregon, but each part of the journey unfolds with it’s own discoveries along the way. Cerocahui is reached by train as part of a rail trip you can book through Mexico Adventures.Inc. on the first -class Ferromex Chepe (Chihuahua Pacifico route) train. You may start your trip on either end of the journey; Los Mochis or Chihuahua City. Why explore this region? Although it’s not a beach-y resort vacation, you will be rewarded by a more authentic trip and fabulous vistas.

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Butte Creek Mill’s Bob Russell grinds it out

Bob Russell had a perfectly good life in toney Lake Oswego. He also had a huge collection of antiques- and “corporate uniform”neckties. But when Bob and His wife Debbie found an old mill along Little Butte Creek in Eagle Point, Oregon, the world changed for them.

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Eat locally;Fresh food is best: fruit salad recipe

Where does your food come from? Journalists and social experimenters Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon tell us, “ when the average North American sits down to eat, each ingredient has typically traveled at least 1,500 miles. . .instead of paying the true cost of our food choices up front, we buy our food cheap and pay the hidden environmental and social price later as a society .”

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Baked Apples with Brandy Peak Brandy, Brookings Oregon

All those apples left over from your Halloween apple bobbing contest? Try a simple baked apple with a twist. In Scotland they fill the apple with currant jelly. In France a bit of Calvados apple brandy poured over a raisin and bread crumb stuffing while baking is a dramatic ending to a meal.

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Pumpkin upside down cake recipe

Our summertime favorite pineapple upside down cake has gone the way of the lawn chair by now; forgotten in a dark corner. But for those of us that love the simple- for- company- cake; here is a fall version sure to please the hostess and those watching the waistline. Fruit purees are substituted for the butter and much of the sugar. Made in the oven it’s even easier that the traditional one.

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Kurt’s baby backs with Asian BBQ sauce

No matter the season we’ve got a barbecue recipe for it! Based on ribs tasted at the 10th anniversary of the Ko Olina Taste at Kapolei in Hawaii recently, these Asian BBQ Baby backs are succulent slivers of falling- off- the- bone pork with a slight kick. I think my husband Kurt’s rendition has the all of the fire and the caramelized goodness Chef Matt Small of Haleiwa Joes created.

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