Strawberries With Balsamic Glaze ( published in Ride magazine)

I first tried this recipe several years ago. Now I make this each year to celebrate summer. Not much of a camp recipe, save this for a backyard barbecue after a ride. A really easy recipe , I guarantee that you will get rave reviews when it's served.

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Kirby’s Pineapple Martini

My article today reminds us that one can never really get too far from home, especially the Hawaii born and raised. Wherever I go, I bring Hawaii with me. Ditto all keiki o ka ‘aina.

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Hawaii cuisine: Four Pepper Spicy Grilled Chicken

Growing up in Hawaii you develop an appreciation for cross cultural mingling, especially in cuisine. Kurt Winner, my husband a native New York to Hawaii transplant and an avid chef, developed this favorite family recipe years ago. You can use it to create kabobs along with fat quarters of red,green and yellow bell peppers and onions or as a simple marinade for grilled chicken. He favors it served Buffalo New York style with an Oregon twist; alongside some Oregon Rogue bleu cheese dip and crudites.

Four Pepper Spicy Grilled Chicken


1 package NOH Korean Kim Chee mix
3 pounds boneless chicken breasts
Szechuan peppercorns,crushed
black pepper,ground
Cayenne pepper,ground
chili pepper flakes
bleu cheese, Rogue Bleu from Southern Oregon preferred
Litehouse bleu cheese dressing,ready made
crudites;celery sticks,broccoli florets,cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks,red bell peppers


A few hours before you wish to grill, sprinkle the NOH Kim Chee mix over the chicken in a […]

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Prospect Hotel’s Hazelnut French Toast

After a dreamy sleep you can smell the coffee in the morning from your room and if you are lucky they will be serving: Whole Wheat Hazelnut French Toast

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Oregon mixed berry crisp

Oregon berries are the best in the world. A combination of all of Oregon's best berries; this easy recipe always evokes summer. Freeze the berries as they arrive in summer for summer baking and sweet memories in the fall and winter. My husband, Kurt Winner makes this popular dessert for every get together.

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Bride Wore Birekenstocks II: Solstice Salad

Unconcerned with the reception preparations going on all around them, the wedding party posed for their portraits near the fairy-tale white tent. Nattily attired in beige suits with ties of cotton candy pink, the groom’s men stood smiling. The maid’s simple column dresses with tonal graduation from deep ruby to ice pink complemented the bride’s re-embroidered Italian lace top and long silk skirt.

Two little flower girls twirled in circles to spin their beautiful dresses as all little flower girls do, maryjanes tapping on the wooden deck. The young ring bearer wearing a tiny suit and a serious expression was getting some last minute advice from his dad about what an important job he had to do. Everyone looked cool and elegant.

Here is another delightful summer wedding favorite from our wedding planner at Historical Church Wedding Planning & Officiants . It’s […]

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The Bride wore Birkenstocks: Chicken Paprika

As a wedding planner and officiant in my other life, I have been to many weddings. I have never been more impressed by a recent bride and groom’s attitude on their wedding day in June. When their outdoor wedding threatened to be interrupted by a downpour, they and their families were determined that the joy of their union would not be spoiled by the weather.

The decision was made to move the ceremony under the reception tent. Predictability here in Oregon is unpredictable. So just a few minutes late, the radiant bride walked out on her father’s arm ( under an umbrella) to her groom. The light drizzle some say became a kiss from god.

Here is a recipe that you can use for your own celebration. It can be doubled /tripled or made to whatever quantity you need. A crowd pleaser, […]

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Beach House strawberry pie

Each summer I vow to discard the clutter in my life. Pare down and keep only what is necessary. How many spools of ribbon does one need to be happy? Do I need more than 100 books? And the odd piece of silk or the obscure album " The Banjo Barons do Golden Hawaiian hits"?

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Krista Frank’s Luscious Fudge Brownies

Krista Frank is a whirlwind about town; specifically Rhododendron and the Villages of Mt. Hood corridor where she lives with her family. How many of us can say that they have produced a cookbook to benefit Welches elementary school, ran a Red Cross blood drive, had a featured recipe in a national magazine, help at our family business, volunteer whenever someone needs help and are raising two young sons?

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Fresh Peach Ice Cream by Donvier machine

Ahhh . . the simple pleasures of summer in the Northwest. Berries and peaches abound and practically beg us to a supply store like Williams Sonoma or Kitchen Kaboodle in Portland for best selection. The machine capacities and pricing vary too. There are machines that are electric, some operate by hand crank using rock salt with ice, some are partially hand cranked, partially finished in the freezer.

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