Hawaiian Honey Joys Recipe for Aloha

It’s an ordinary day, with kids playing volleyball on a beachfront lawn that spills out toward the ocean with a view to the Mokuluas, here in Hawaii—except the kids next-door are guarded by sniper nests . . .

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Chef Hugo Pinto, Le Velvet in Paris: Morue

Chef Hugo Pinto has been commanding the kitchen at Le Velvet in Paris for a few years now with experience that belies his youth. Try his very southern French dish : Codfish in Casserole " Morue."

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Jory Restaurant Chef Jin’s Pinot Burger

Chef Sunny Jin of JORY Restaurant at Allison Inn in Newberg, Oregon delights with his twist on a burger using fresh local beef, produce and wine.

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Easy Tart Apple Cake – Healthy Treat

Moist and easy, this Apple Cake will become a family favorite.

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Recipe: Fischer & Wieser’s Original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (R) Double Fudge Brownies with Chipotle Cream

" If you are fond of chipotle try this versatile sauce in any recipes that could use a sweet/sour/hot element. These brownies go well with my brother Remy's ' Island Style Korean Raspberry Chipotle Baby Back Ribs '."

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Your Champagne Primer

If you (heavens no!) have any leftover champagne - DO NOT THROW OUT THIS FABULOUS INGREDIENT however flat. Here a practical and delicious recipe makes good use of precious libation that has lost it's stars but not it's flavor!

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Chef Carol Kopp’s Raw Holiday treats from Fresh Start

Chef Carol Kopp's raw creations are a new holiday tradition. Enjoy these in place of fatty, sugary, chemical ladden fare! Here is one sweet and one savory recipe from Fresh Start's website

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Culinary Traveler’s Lugano brings Beef braised in Merlot and herbs

Lugano is known as the sundeck of Switzerland. With such temperate weather you’ll see palm trees and wonder “Am I really in Switzerland? “ Yes indeed you are. www.myswizerland.com .

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Camp Cook: Pasta with Swiss Minced Beef (published in RIDE magazine )

A recipe from Appenzell canton, Switzerland that I think you’ll really like.

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Simple coconut custard pie unusual Thanksgiving favorite ( published at Examiner.com Portland)

Simply perfect, easy coconut custard pie recipe delights for Thanksgiving.

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