Sofitel SFO’s Executive Chef Alejandro Abad Shares Lavender Lamb Recipe

After more than 17 years of accomplished culinary experience, Chef Alejandro Abad was recently named Executive Chef at Bay 223. Chef Abad, a Spanish native from Barcelona, began at an early age by preparing meals at home with his father. He fine-tuned his culinary experience training in molecular cuisine, learned wines and spices and worked fine dining establishments throughout Europe, including five years in Barcelona, and Michelin-rated Restaurant Christophe and Restaurant Vermeer, in Holland.

His mantra is a single word: fresh. And the location here is so very conducive to “ fresh.” Enjoying a recent dinner at Bay 223 we wanted to know learn more. Here in part is Luxe Beat Magazine’s interview with this busy executive chef and one of his best lavender recipes.

CT: Chef Abad as  executive chef what is your vision for the restaurant Bay 223 ? And […]

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Remy’s Baby Back Raspberry Chipotle Sauce for Ribs and Spinach with Feta Salad

Within a few days he called and told me that he had created some innovative and tasty dishes with a distinctive island bent using the remarkable sauce as a base; could I send more?

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Camp Cook: Pasta with Swiss Minced Beef (published in RIDE magazine )

A recipe from Appenzell canton, Switzerland that I think you’ll really like.

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Hawaii cuisine: Four Pepper Spicy Grilled Chicken

Growing up in Hawaii you develop an appreciation for cross cultural mingling, especially in cuisine. Kurt Winner, my husband a native New York to Hawaii transplant and an avid chef, developed this favorite family recipe years ago. You can use it to create kabobs along with fat quarters of red,green and yellow bell peppers and onions or as a simple marinade for grilled chicken. He favors it served Buffalo New York style with an Oregon twist; alongside some Oregon Rogue bleu cheese dip and crudites.

Four Pepper Spicy Grilled Chicken


1 package NOH Korean Kim Chee mix
3 pounds boneless chicken breasts
Szechuan peppercorns,crushed
black pepper,ground
Cayenne pepper,ground
chili pepper flakes
bleu cheese, Rogue Bleu from Southern Oregon preferred
Litehouse bleu cheese dressing,ready made
crudites;celery sticks,broccoli florets,cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks,red bell peppers


A few hours before you wish to grill, sprinkle the NOH Kim Chee mix over the chicken in a […]

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Kurt’s baby backs with Asian BBQ sauce

No matter the season we’ve got a barbecue recipe for it! Based on ribs tasted at the 10th anniversary of the Ko Olina Taste at Kapolei in Hawaii recently, these Asian BBQ Baby backs are succulent slivers of falling- off- the- bone pork with a slight kick. I think my husband Kurt’s rendition has the all of the fire and the caramelized goodness Chef Matt Small of Haleiwa Joes created.

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