Interview With Chef Katherine Frelon Of La Ferme De La Lochere, Burgundy France

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Paris Value Travel: From Those In The Know

Paris can be the city of dreams and light. But unless you are a trustafarian, prince or dignitary you must find a way to enjoy Paris without breaking the bank. One seldom thinks of Paris as a “ budget travel” city. But there are values to be had. Value travel is not defined as budget travel; it is realizing great reward for the money spent. Planning your trip from the UK is easy.

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Chef Hugo Pinto, Le Velvet in Paris: Morue

Chef Hugo Pinto has been commanding the kitchen at Le Velvet in Paris for a few years now with experience that belies his youth. Try his very southern French dish : Codfish in Casserole " Morue."

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Chateau Challain, France

The Chateau Challain exists for dreamers.Just an hour and a half from the city of light and no less grand than her older counterparts in the Loire, this relatively young chateau in neo- Gothic style, sometimes dubbed the “petit Chambord” awaits your royal visit for a few nights or longer stay .

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