Fine Dining in Waco Texas at DiamondBack’s

Going to a steak house in Texas can be "not so  good", "satisfactory" or "simply great." Lucky for you, I have a great one to share with you: DiamondBack's My experience dining at DiamondBack's was outstanding, great steaks, a killer lobster bisque and a beautiful atmosphere. The servers were right on the money, and the portions where generous. Wine Spectator gave an award of excellence to DiamondBack's in 2013, so you know that a fine wine list is in your future here. Check out the menu here: waco-steakhouse-dinner If perhaps you just want to sample the food as opposed to a full dinner? Then the happy hour menu is quite the deal. Offered Monday to Wednesday from 4-7 pm and 4-10 pm on Thursday. Prices range from $3.00 to $6.00 for bites and small plates with a drink. But I was hungry and looking [...]

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Cirque Du Soliel’s TOTEM Thai Curry Mussels

Mia Messier's Thai Curry Mussels. Kurt Winner Photo This recipe for Thai Curry Mussels is a colorful favorite of the Cirque Du Soliel artists and staff of the current traveling company of TOTEM. Kitchen Manager Mia Messier serves 200 to 250 meals a day each week to the traveling show’s 120 artists, staff and  families of artists. Her repertoire includes cuisine and favorite dishes from the many cultures  that make up the show.  The day we visited, she served several entrees for lunch, one of which was a  delicious fresh mussel dish, Thai Curry Mussels. Serve by itself or with  rice or over pasta. Thai Curry Mussels Ingredients: 2 tablespoons  peanut oil 1 stalk lemongrass, crushed 3 tablespoons Thai red curry paste 1 tablespoon chicken base 1 can unsweetened coconut milk-do not shake the can 2 tablespoons fish sauce (Squid brand [...]

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Pimento Cheese Spread ala Central in Montgomery Ala.

Southern food has a style all it’s own. Take the ubiquitous Pimento Cheese spread you might find on most southern tables.  It screams fun in all it's cheesy  goodness with flecks of pepper just begging to be but on a cracker. And just like the people and the atmosphere in Montgomery , Alabama, good Southern food is friendly, comforting and most of all just really fun. I was lucky enough to have dinner at Central Restaurant in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. Montgomery is realizing a renaissance; old abandoned buildings are being re-purposed with galleries, outdoor cafes, and casual and fine dining. Central is conveniently located just across the street from the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel and Spa,  a hotel I will cover at a later date. Speaking with Executive Chef Leo Maurelli III of Central, he mentioned that “I don’t do farm to table, this goes back [...]

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April Fools Recipe Gaby at Sofitel NYC Will Not be Serving

Call me obtuse or a fool, but I had no idea the French celebrate April Fool’s Day. Indeed  many cultures celebrate a  “fools day” by playing pranks on one another. Some of these celebrations do happen on the first day of April, but some are in celebration of a new year depending on where it falls on their calendar. In the middle ages the new year was celebrated in some areas on April 1 or near  that  date rather than January 1 when  most of the European  world was still  asleep under a blanket of snow.  I suppose the birth of  the northern hemisphere’ s Spring when some of the world awakens might be a proper way to think of a new year as it certainly is time to celebrate and  throw the cloak of winter off completely.  In  France and some European French speaking [...]

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Published in Lavish Magazine Feb. 2008: Southern Hospitality-Oregon Style

Most people think of Oregon as the Christmas tree state. True, Oregon grows and exports 92% of it’s trees out of state * but Oregon is much more. It’s a state of contrasts; mountains to beaches, rivers to desert. It’s a state of people with a similar state of mind. They all share a joyous pioneer spirit, a respect for the land, and a passion for what they do.

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Krista Frank’s Luscious Fudge Brownies

Krista Frank is a whirlwind about town; specifically Rhododendron and the Villages of Mt. Hood corridor where she lives with her family. How many of us can say that they have produced a cookbook to benefit Welches elementary school, ran a Red Cross blood drive, had a featured recipe in a national magazine, help at our family business, volunteer whenever someone needs help and are raising two young sons?

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Stay for the Summer Fun Along The Long Washington Coast

It's a summer tradition here in the Northwest. Portlanders and Seattle-ites flee the city and head for the beach as soon as the kids are out of school.

If you are a seafood lover, the Washington Peninsula with miles and miles of sandy beach and just-caught seafood should be on your radar.

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Eat locally;Fresh food is best: fruit salad recipe

Where does your food come from? Journalists and social experimenters Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon tell us, “ when the average North American sits down to eat, each ingredient has typically traveled at least 1,500 miles. . .instead of paying the true cost of our food choices up front, we buy our food cheap and pay the hidden environmental and social price later as a society .”

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Pumpkin upside down cake recipe

Our summertime favorite pineapple upside down cake has gone the way of the lawn chair by now; forgotten in a dark corner. But for those of us that love the simple- for- company- cake; here is a fall version sure to please the hostess and those watching the waistline. Fruit purees are substituted for the butter and much of the sugar. Made in the oven it’s even easier that the traditional one.

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Charleston Cookie a chocolate lovers delight

Charleston Cookie Company had a sweet surprise for me on our" IFWTWA 2010 Conference" cruise in the Caribbean recently. Returning to my stateroom after a late night of wine, stellar food and song I noticed the perfectly packaged cookie on my pillow tied with a bow and a note that said " Sweet dreams."

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