Buttercrunch Toffee Recipe

For #Worldchocolateday here’s a delicious recipe for that sweet tooth of yours. Yes it has chocolate, almonds, butter, sugar and for an bit more decadence some Fleur De Gris French salt, So don’t let me bore you any longer, here we go. […]

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Only in Vegas: Venetian’s $750 Cupcake D’Or

A homage to decadence, it is fun to turn away and escape into a dream of indulgent excess via this cupcake

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Published in Lavish Magazine Feb. 2008: Southern Hospitality-Oregon Style

Most people think of Oregon as the Christmas tree state. True, Oregon grows and exports 92% of it’s trees out of state * but Oregon is much more. It’s a state of contrasts; mountains to beaches, rivers to desert. It’s a state of people with a similar state of mind. They all share a joyous pioneer spirit, a respect for the land, and a passion for what they do.

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Krista Frank’s Luscious Fudge Brownies

Krista Frank is a whirlwind about town; specifically Rhododendron and the Villages of Mt. Hood corridor where she lives with her family. How many of us can say that they have produced a cookbook to benefit Welches elementary school, ran a Red Cross blood drive, had a featured recipe in a national magazine, help at our family business, volunteer whenever someone needs help and are raising two young sons?

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Charleston Cookie a chocolate lovers delight

Charleston Cookie Company had a sweet surprise for me on our" IFWTWA 2010 Conference" cruise in the Caribbean recently. Returning to my stateroom after a late night of wine, stellar food and song I noticed the perfectly packaged cookie on my pillow tied with a bow and a note that said " Sweet dreams."

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Aequare Chocolates boast sublime single source and vintage!

Aequare Chocolates: Sublime single source and vintage! The concept is simple. Create a chocolate bar using the vintage system using single source cacao. Crazy you ask? Like a fox. Knowing the world’s palate for chocolate has matured and how seriously aficionados seek the perfect chocolate , Aequare steps in with their sublime offerings of handmade bars and confections.

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