Buttercrunch Toffee Recipe

For #Worldchocolateday here’s a delicious recipe for that sweet tooth of yours. Yes it has chocolate, almonds, butter, sugar and for an bit more decadence some Fleur De Gris French salt, So don’t let me bore you any longer, here we go. […]

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Edible Souvenir : Breaux Bridge Louisiana, Poche’s Praline

Poche's makes the very best Louisiana style pralines; take home some as an edible souvenir. St. Martin's Parish  boasts some really great food. Acadian, Cajun  and creole influences  are certainly evident in their sweets and condiments in addition to their sublime Etouffee, fried okra and cornbread. Poche's Praline made right in their market with adjoining restaurant where you can get a taste of traditional Cajun plate lunch, is popular. In fact pick up the pralines, crawfish boil and bottles of tasty garlic sauce, used around here like Tabasco in their market to take home. www.cajuncountry.org http://www.pochesmarket.com

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