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About Michelle M. Winner

Michelle’s passion is the journey

Aloha! I am a freelance journalist fascinated by culinary travel and inspired by romantic destinations. I am also an equestrian and write frequently for horse and equestrian lifestyle publications.

I specialize in my native Hawaii and not surprisingly, I am enamored by all worldwide island locales.

In the last ten years, my work has been featured in magazines, newspapers and online publications relating the intrigue and beauty of popular and the “undiscovered” world.

I can tell you where to stay in an upscale Scandinavian inspired eco—lodge steps from a lake. In the Azores. Where to find the most romatic trail or dashing Indian desert ride. Swim in natural red water in the moonlight. Where sea turtle sightings are common, just meters from your flying Hobiecat. What it’s like to sleep in Madonna’s bed. Follow a CIA graduate chef cooking crazy in a one horse Victorian town. How to stroke a Polynesian canoe with the pros…

If you have a slant, location or issue—specific idea you wish brought to life, contact me for assignment availability. I thrive on deadlines. I serve as President of the prestigious International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association — ifwtwa.org

My travel this year includes Hawaii, inland Mexico, East Coast of US, Eastern Caribbean, Switzerland and Nova Scotia, Canada among others. I have stories on Boston’s culinary cultural experience of Little Italy, the enchanting emerald Azores Islands,and the fairytale palaces and pousadas of Portugal awaiting an audience. I look forward to sharing my experiences with your readers and clients through my illuminative writing and photographs. For my bio and samples of writing genres, please click on this link to my profile page at IFWTWA.

Obrigada and Aloha . . . Michelle

About Kurt Winner

Kurt’s photos transport to a land of discovery

I am a photographer who writes. And I love to cook. So my work is food centric and my photos show the passion I have for the freshest ingredients and the integrity of the food . Food is intertwined with our perception of ancestry and homeland. It is indicative of a dedication to the past by a culture or country. My mission is to bring these facets to the reader and to life through my work.

I support farmers and artisan bakers. I hope that my work creates in the readers an affinity for these singular minded heroes in a not-so-simple world. Fight for your right to eat “real” food.

For my author profile and writing samples, visit my profile on IFWTWA.