Tenba Shootout Backpack 18L

When I read reviews, I usually take them with a grain of salt. Especially because of whats been in the news lately about paid phony reviews. So when I was given this camera backpack to review, I decided I was going to put it through it’s paces before writing about it. To test it I took it to Bend Oregon, Greece for 2 weeks and then Portugal and Spain on a different trip for ten more days. With all of this traveling the Tenba had to go through countless security checks, thrown into piles of luggage and beaten up in overhead bins too.

I also had to empty it quickly for passport controls in Europe and be able to repack it without losing any of my gear while in transit.The nice thing about the Tenba is that all of the padded interior dividers can be removed and configured to fit around your gear. This is what I packed: 1 full frame DSLR with a 24-55mm lens attached, crop frame DSLR 18-300 lens attached, 50mm lens, batteries, chargers, cords, lens cleaners, memory cards, assorted filters and a chromebook that fit perfectly into a rear compartment. In some photos you’ll see a small pack on the side, this is a 14-24mm ultra wide lens with the pouch provided by Nikon. Not only did everything fit, but there is also an outside pouch and strap for a tripod. The bottom of the pack is waterproof, and in case it rains, there is also an integral rain cover built in that can be pulled over the pack for protection. The YKK® zippers are “self healing”, this means that if they become unlocked you can just re-zip them and the teeth will mesh again. The zipper pulls are vinyl coated stainless wire with pressed on aluminum tabs for ease of use and durability. The entire pack is made of Nylon which is water repellent. A really clever feature is a side door that can be unzipped to access your camera without taking the pack off or having to open the main compartment. The straps are padded and fully adjustable for comfort, and has back padding with a small air flow channel to keep you cool. This was a great help, as Greece was having a heat wave when I was there.

After two trips to Europe, countless ferries, airports and even Catacombs, I have to say I am very pleased with the Tenba. It took a beating and none of my gear was damaged or broken. The pack has held up very well, and with the ease of use, especially packing and unpacking at customs and checkpoints, this is a well designed and thought out pack for the amateur or professional photographer. Tenba is an excellent value for what you get, to see the full line of Tenba products go to http://www.tenba.com/ For images of my Tenba on the road here’s the Gallery.

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