Hyatt Regency New Orleans Borgne Restaurant is Louisiana Fresh

Chefs Besh and Landry courtesy GoNola

The talent behind Borgne, Chefs John Besh and Brian Landry

The Hyatt Regency New Orleans has two secret weapons in this food centric city. Multiple award-winning Borgne, voted one of the top eight “must try” hotel restaurants in the United States is a Spanish influenced dining experience headed up by Chef John Besh and Chef Brian Landry. The philosophy here is Louisiana fresh Gulf seafood and it does not get any better than that. The Spanish influence goes back to when Louisiana was indeed a Spanish territory. But make no mistake, the menu here also offers traditional Louisiana cuisine including but not limited to oysters, shrimp, gumbo and turtle soup spiked with sherry.  As I mentioned earlier fresh seafood is the strong suit of Borgne, on the menu you’ll find garlic clove Louisiana shrimp with tomatoes, roasted eggplant and Fregola a round pasta similar to Israeli Couscous.

Garlic clove shrimp

Garlic Clove Shrimp At Borgne

Another delectable seafood offering is the Black Drum A la Plancha. In this preparation the fish is served with brown butter, Pecans and Gulf jumbo lump crab.


Black Drum A La Plancha  at Borgne


New Orleans is a highly competitive city that has very high standards when it comes to food. The many cultural influences also make it one of the most interesting places in the country if not the world to eat. Whether it be high end fine dining, or some serious comfort food, Borgne is the perfect venue, relaxed, comfortable and casual. Borgne is open for lunch and dinner, offering daily lunch specials at very reasonable prices. Dinner is also a very good value considering the quality of the food that’s offered. For the beer drinkers out there Borgne delivers, more than 70 beers are on tap, and many of them are locally brewed. With New Orleans being a cocktail lovers city, daily drink specials are De rigueur. Chef’s Besh and Landry take pride in local produce and it’s reflected in the menu in every way possible. On your next trip New Orleans, take the time to pay Borgne a visit for a fine dinner and enjoy that amazing fresh Louisiana Gulf seafood. For menus, and reservations go to

Borgne-Oysters-with-smoked-tomato-gelee-and-caviar1Oysters with smoked tomato gelee and caviar Photo courtesy Borgne Restaurant

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