1313 Main in Napa California awaits you

Chef Adam's private garden1313 Main of Napa California in my opinion is one of Napa’s best restaurants. With executive Chef Adam Ross at the helm, and Jordan Nova restaurant director and certified Sommelier you have two power players who love what they do, and it shows. Restaurant owner Al Jabarin (also the owner of online wine seller www.calwine.com) has given Chef Adam and Jordan the freedom to create locally sourced dishes and wine pairings that are out of this world. This can be a risky proposition, but with the years of experience that both Chef and Jordan bring to the table it was a no brainer, and it has worked very well. When Chef Adam creates a new dish, and before it goes up onto the menu, he looks to Jordan and his kitchen staff for ways to improve upon his creation, and critiquing is more than welcome. At this point it’s up to Jordan and his wine expertise to find that perfect pairing. As a wine and food lover I was truly impressed with the entire process of how from the farm to the kitchen to the plate works so well here. There are no egos at play, every person at 1313 Main has the same goal, to provide outstanding food, wine and service for the customer. Trying to describe a restaurant’s food wine and service is difficult at best, and 1313 Main is something that you have to experience for yourself. So if you’re considering a vacation, downtown Napa should be at the top of your short list, perfect weather, fine wines and of course 1313 Main serving knockout wine and food pairings. Please point your browser to www.1313main.com www.calwine.com .

Fresh from the garden

A warm space

A welcoming dining room

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