AutoVino: Classic Cars Meet the Vines of California in Menlo Park

Auto Vino is the result of a car collector and oenophile's dreams.

Auto Vino is the result of a car collector and oenophile’s combined  dream.

If you have an inkling to open a winery in this area be prepared to spend 4 to 5 million an acre, if you can find it at all in Woodside, California. Luis (Buff) Giurlani has one and is living the dream.

His Woodside Vineyards is one of the oldest, small vineyards in California. As Mr. Giurlani jokes, ” If we go by the land value here, this wine should be the most expensive in the world!”

“But wait” you say, “didn’t I read above that AutoVino is a state-of-the-art luxury car and fine wine storage facility?” Yes. Mr. Giurlani, part of a family olive oil import business in San Francisco, has a penchant for classic, and luxury cars. Trouble is he soon needed a place to store them. Not finding anything satisfactory, he built one.

Climate controlled, dust free and offering services tailored to fine car owners (hand washing after a Sunday drive), he now has rare museum quality cars, exotics and ” cherry” muscle cars parked in his showroom. This concept is so popular he offers club memberships. His Woodside Vineyards winery and winemaker is here too and he stores wine collections for oneophiles.

AutoVino, Woodside Winery has wine tastings Saturdays and Sundays 11 AM-4PM for $10pp. Purchase fantastic made-to-order thin crust artisan pizzas from the wood-fired oven. Mr. Giurlani is fond of saying ” You haven’t lived until you have had a hamburger cooked at 900 degrees in the pizza oven.” Sit outside, enjoy, the sun and enjoy the good life!

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