Sip and give at Southern Oregon’s Thanksgiving tastings

One of the best things about Oregonians is their individualistic spirit combined with social consciousness. So it’s a natural that while we as a nation celebrate in Thanksgiving for the Nation of First People who helped the European settlers survive, we reach out to help others who need it .

It’s tradition here in wine country for vino lovers to visit our wineries and participate in tastings and wine flights accompanied by music and festivities. It’s typically this week in November that we order our wines for the holidays and to stock the cellar.

If you have not decided where to go this weekend after all that turkey, Southern Oregon is a perfect place to spend Thanksgiving Weekend. And specifically the region comprising the Applegate and Rogue Valleys , Jacksonville and Ashland. The weather s mild and the abundance of artisanal foods, beautiful wines and unique hostelries and B & B’s make for a perfect Autumnal celebration.

Here is also an opportunity to feel good and offer your help while you sip! Sue Price our friend in Southern Oregon sends along this press release from Michael Wisnovsky , President of the Applegate Valley Vintners Association:
“All 17 Applegate Valley Wineries and the Applegate Wine trail participants are taking a stand against hunger by offering complementary tasting in exchange for two cans of food for this Thanksgiving Weekend. . Especially need cans of protein like tuna, beef stew, soup and also fruits. ACCESS, INC. , Food Share and our network distributed 2.2.. Million pounds of food to more than 83,000 individuals and supports 21 food pantries throughout Jackson County. . .this year the need is greater.”

Most tasting rooms will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend from 11AM to 5PM. Visit the Applegate wine  trail for info on a specific winery. Save money on tasting , support local wineries and help someone in need. Just like the first Thanksgiving- well except for the wine part . . .Photo credit: Wikipedia

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