Topolobampo Marine Sanctuary is a rich bio-diverse bay filed with tuna, shrimp, clams, oysters scallops and crab. Part port, part sanctuary, deep within the bay there is Farallon Island populated by sea lions and Bird Island with, you guessed it, a huge population of many species of birds. As our boat pulls away from the pier, the small town recedes. Along the shore in the sanctuary area there are no houses but curiously there is a large “energy production” plant. We quickly cruise past and marvel at pods of dolphins surfacing along our bow. The journalists vie for position on the boat to photograph the pelicans and other seabirds nesting on several promontories as we motor by.

Soon the sun is high and our captain slows alongside a dory. Our deckhand offers some cold coca-cola to the day boat fisherman, and he fills the chef’s fry pan full of shrimp. Lunch is looking up!

As guests of Balderrama Hotels and Mexico Adventures we are traveling with our own chef on Balderrama‘s fishing charter boat . While chef Victor Samaniego prepares delicacies in the galley, we sip Pacifico cervezas on the canopied fly bridge. Soon platters of shrimp and scallop cerviche, coconut shrimp and sautéed shrimp arrive. With a squeeze of lime, a taste of cerviche and a sip of cold beer and I am in Topolabampo nirvana! The boat rocks gently as I imprint this perfect memory of warm sun, cool beer, birds squawking on rocky ledges and the soft brown hills rising from the bay.

RECIPE: Ceviche mix to de camarón y pescado: Mixed shrimp and fish ceviche Chef Victor Samanie shares his authentic recipe for you. Serves 4-6 as hors d’oeuveres

  • 250-grams cleaned shrimp, cut in little cubes ( just over 1/2 pound)
  • 250-grams of cleaned fish, no bones, in little cubes
  • 3 pcs. of “salad tomato“, little cubes
  • ½ white onion finely cut in cubes
  • 1 cucumber, seeded and cut in small cubes or slices
  • 2 “Serrano” peppers, cut fine, include a few seeds
  • 15 stems and leaves of fresh coriander( cilantro) finely cut
  • 10 small lemons or enough fresh lemon juice to cover (Mexican Colima lemons are tiny)
  • Salt & pepper to your taste

On a crystal plate or shallow bowl place fish and shrimp, add salt and black pepper and lemon juice. Let it marinate for 5 or 10 min.( no longer). After the shrimp and fish are “cooked” by the marinade, add the vegetables cut in pieces to garnish and arrange along the plate . If you desire, you can add clam juice to your taste. (photography by KWWinner)