Pour a snifter of this sophisticated brandy from Brookings,Oregon and enjoy!

Baked Apples

All those apples left over from your Halloween apple bobbing contest? Try a simple baked apple with a twist. In Scotland they fill the apple with currant jelly. In France a bit of Calvados apple brandy poured over a raisin and bread crumb stuffing while baking is a dramatic ending to a meal.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we can use fresh apples right from the tree and any of the brandies made by Clear Creek Distillery or the family operation Brandy Peak distillery in Brookings, Oregon. Their Marc Brandy Muscat has a beautiful bouquet of citrus and cloves and they finish it in French oak barrels. Better to just offer a wave over the apple of this special brandy and pour yourself a snifter to enjoy with the baked apple!



Scottish Baked apples

  • one apple for each person
  • redcurrant jelly

Cut out the core of each apple and place on baking sheet. Fill the center with the jelly and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Apple is done when it is just soft.