Aequare Chocolates: Sublime single source and vintage!
The concept is simple. Create a chocolate bar using the vintage system using single source cacao. Crazy you ask? Like a fox. Knowing the world’s palate for chocolate has matured and how seriously aficionados seek the perfect chocolate , Aequare steps in with their sublime offerings of handmade bars and confections.
I was lucky to get a bar of their 70% dark chocolate on our “IFWTWA Conference at Sea 2010.” I could not have been more thrilled. Always seeking the darkest chocolate; I can’t be bothered with the two note sugary-ness of a milk chocolate anything. Dark chocolate like Aequare 70% bar are heaven. I unwrapped the bar, expertly breaking off the corner and popping it into my mouth. It literally stopped me in my tracks. Wow, I think I said out loud;
I sank down against the wall to my knees and took another bite. Fantastic.
The Aequare line also has dark cocoa beans, Ecuardoran Cacao single origin summer 2008 harvest 55% Choc. bar, 70% Dark Choc. Mandarin Orange bar and a 70% Dark Choc. Lemongrass bar along with lovely confections. All handmade. Highly recommended to those that know chocolate. Don’t waste these on your not-so-serious friends, they are worthy of fine appreciation. Serve these vintages with a beautiful bold vintage red wine!